Image Viewing

Everyone is anxious to see how those pictures turned out, which is natural and expected but it takes time to download, labeling the files, backing up the images, sort, edit and get them where they are ready. Naturally, I like to allow myself about two weeks to accomplish this import detail for a portrait session. This process can sometimes go faster or slower depending on they time of the year, what is going on, etc. When they are ready I will contact you to let you know. Yes, you are welcome to contact me if you haven’t heard from me after two weeks.

Events differ from portrait sessions because I’m usually dealing with a much larger number of pictures. Usually at a equine event I can get well over a thousand images. So there is the normal process involved (see above description) along with sorting thru a larger amount of images. This sorting is what can take the longest. This saves one from having to look through massive amounts of images to find one of themselves. So I like to sort the images by rider number, rider name, or event class, etc.