Little Things can make Big Things

It’s amazing how it’s the little stuff that can make such a BIG difference. Also it seems that these little things can have such a big impact not just on the one individual but for many of the ones the person come into contact with. I got one of those dreaded phone calls saying that a person I loved was in the hospital and was going into surgery. Those are not fun phone calls but at least it’s not the worst kind informing me that a loved one is dead.

Well my mother tripped on a small string that caused her to fall and brake her hip. That string was a little thing but it sure caused a Big problem. It caused her to have surgery, stay in the hospital, and life is going to be different for her, my Dad, my family, my sisters family, etc. She will need help as she recovers from the fall. It reminds me of when I broke my leg a number of years ago. That one small misstep in a small moment caused me months of BIG changes and the impact it had on my family. Anyhow one can always count blessings and I can certainly do that here. It could have been much worse, I had last minute changed my work plans so I ended up being free, etc.

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