A New Year-2013

A new year brings new goals. The last few years has been challenging as far as photography goes. Why? Well it seems that every time I turned around I would have a hard drive go bad or a computer problems. In most ways I was prepared and had backups. The only problem I had been getting it all back to being organized. It might not have been hard except that working my regular job basically six days a week cut into my time to spend on organizing computer files or pictures on my disks. Then I’d have another hard drive fail and I’d get even further behind. This of course would be very frustrating and I’m sure it was even more frustrating to my customers as well. Then the other frustrating problem I would have is that when these files moved it changed the links to my web site where I’d post pictures for sale. I couldn’t access them or change it, etc. Well I’m almost to the point of having the photography files organized so I can easily find files without having to go thru all the various hard drives trying to locate various pictures people would want to purchase. So in the next few days I can call the company that hosts my pictures for sale and get those links to connect to my moved files. This isn’t going to be easy but it is necessary. It’s a good feeling to start to once again feel organized and know that I might actually be able to find files without lengthy discouraging searches. Yippie!! I think I’ll also have happier customers as well. I might even get caught up with all the requests I’ve gotten behind on. So what have I learned? First and foremost is to always back up files! One never knows when a disk might fail or get corrupted. It doesn’t matter on how old or new it is either. I’ve learned to stay clear of certain brands of hard drives too. Anyhow I look forward to a much smoother year as far as my photography goes and be able to deliver on my motto to a fuller extent…satisfied customers!

Now I might even be able to keep up with my blog. My goal is to post more often.

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