Eagle Scout Project #5

For about two months Alex has been working on his Eagle Scout Project.  He learned about a need in his Cody High School Wood shop.  He was put in contact with Brian Peters who is a Manager at the Heart Mountain Nature Conservancy Ranch.  Alex then designed & cut out seven wood signs for the Heart Mountain Nature Conservancy Ranch.  He used the Cody High School Shop Bot machine where he designed and programmed the design for the sign.  Then he used the High Schools equipment to cut them out.  Then he contacted various businesses around Cody to see if they would donate various hardware, materials, etc.  for the project.  I believe everyone he contacted was more than generous in donating.  Then he set a date to have help installing the signs to the posts.  The date was set for Wednesday June 6, 2012 at 2:00PM.  He took the day off from work.  He had three boys show up to help besides his family members here at home.  Some leaders were going to come but for various reasons it didn’t work out.

Now all that is left is for him to write up about the project and then have it reviewed by the Scout Eagle Board.  When it is approved it will have made me a mother of FIVE eagle scouts.  I’ll have one more left to go.   Those Eagle Projects is alot of work and well earned.  One thing I’ll have to say about Alex is that he did all the leg work from finding the project, working on it and carried it all the way thru without any prodding from his mother.  Sure made my job easier.   Can you tell that I’m a Proud Mom!

There is one really interesting piece of information about this whole project.  That is that my grandfather (my fathers Dad) homestead a large section of this land.  So this area is rich with family history.  To make it even more interesting everyone that helped Alex except for Brian Peters and his one Scout Leader (Jake) who came at the end is a descendant of my grandfather.  This is pretty cool.



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