What SNOW & Cold?

It’s been a fairly dry spring with unusually warm weather.  In fact a couple days ago we got to nearly 90 degrees.  Thursday May 24th it was cooler, cloudy, and rainy.  Friday May 25th as the day progressed it started to rain, then the temptures dropped and now it’s snowing.  The tempurture is at 32 degrees.  Naturally mother’s day weekend I went to a green house and purchased quite a few vegetable plants and got them planted a couple of days later.  So I went out to cover my plants and discovered that something ate alot of my plants.  I covered the ones remaining and some of the eaten off ones.  How discouraging!  Murphy’s law for sure.  Anyhow here are some pictures from the late May Snowstorm. The top picture is from the evening before.

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