Testing out the 50mm Fixed Lens

There are a couple of wonderful photographers that I follow online and I noticed one of them commenting on one of their favorite lenses.  I took notice because I actually had the lens but haven’t really used it like she did.  For that matter I really haven’t experimented with it a whole lot.  So I decided that I would make better use of it and practice using it for all sorts of things.  So, for a number of months I’ve been using it.  In fact quite a number of my older posts contain photographs where I used the lens…testing it out for all sorts of things.  Well I LOVE it!!  It takes sharp pictures, can capture great pictures in low lighting and it creates a nice “bokeh”.  Of course, I’ve been talking about it with those that love photography.  One day I brought the camera/lens with me.  After getting back to town from working I had my friend try it out.  This is what Kaye captured.  Of course she got another person we work with to be her model.  She’s not used to my digital camera but this is what she captured.  Then I took it to photoshop and tweaked it with some actions.  I even tested out the newest actions I purchased for editing digital images.



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