Spring Pasture with Dairy Cows

So the other day I was coming home from town and as I drove around this corner on our dirt road I couldn’t help but notice how vivid the colors were.  It seems like the colors turn more vivid after a rainstorm.  Well this is what happened with this.  I love Heart Mountain and with the vivid colors (especially the greens).  So I stopped to get some pictures.  I was using my 50mm fixed lens.  Anyhow as I took the pictures, I thought to myself that it would be cool if the cows could be closer.  No sooner did I think that, than the highly curious dairy cows started swiftly moving towards me.  Within minutes, they were right there along the fence.  Of course I kept snapping pictures as this all took place.  As they got closer, I decided that I needed to get out and get closer.  As I did the cows slightly spooked.  So I moved slower towards them.  As I looked for interesting ways of capturing pictures I noticed one cows foot down the line slip down the ledge.  It occurred to me then, that all those cows feet putting stress on the freshly moved earth and the fence so near the ledge and cows pushing on it, could be a bad thing for everything.  So I quickly got back into my vehicle and drove off.  In the mirror, I could see the cows moving away from the fence.  Whew no mishaps!!


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