White Moth Orchids

In March or April of 2011 I inherited three Orchids that were pretty much done blooming and in an ugly state.  Yet I took them home and tried putting my green thumb to work.  Over the course of the year we’ve watched them blossom about three times.  It’s been a fasinatingprocess to watch these three plants go through their cycles.  My hubby seemed to have taken over their care and did research on them.  He loves them.  Actually in the beginning they weren’t my favorite.  Yet, they have grown on me to the point where I enjoy them and love when they bloom.  Well the three have just begun the cycle of blooming.  The three plants are in various stages of budding and blossoming.  So I decided to share some pictures of what we are enjoying.  If you want to learn more about these amazing plants click on this link to American Orchid Society.

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